Peregrine Capital – Capitalising with Salesforce

Customer Overview

Peregrine Capital is South Africa’s longest running hedge fund manager and is focused on delivering superior, consistent risk adjusted returns for long term investors, using high conviction portfolios, based on in depth, proprietary bottom-up research.

The Challenge

Peregrine Capital manages their customer database in an external system which is control by external company, and the financial is managed by other external company they have no visibility of there 360 view of the client and related finances.

  • Monthly they receive a csv sheet of any their new clients or updated information of the existing client, Peregrine capital currently do not have any system to store their client that comes from the external companies all the data is managed in an excel sheet for Peregrine.
  • Peregrine capital needs a better way to view their B2B and B2C clients of all sizes and formats and streamline the ways of relationship management.

The Solution

  • Financial Service Cloud through Sales Cloud.
  • Solution of financial service cloud though Sales cloud will enhance the operational visibility, data management and relationship mapping of their clients.
  • It will provide the ability to view the financial accounts of their customers and the B2B to B2C relationship experience.


  • By Implementing the Financial cloud across the organization Peregrine Capital expect to have a significant view of there 360 view of the customer from the B2B to B2C in a clear visual way and see the related financials and relevant important information.
  • Moving Peregrine capital to Sales cloud it ensures that the fulfillment of the sales process and data management is managed in significant manner.
  • Excels are eliminated, duplication of activity are removed. Time was saved by having activities automated and the manual way of work was eliminated.
  • Better reports are extracted.

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