What to look for when searching and appointing a cloud consultant?

This blog is designed to help you ask the right questions when you are searching or looking to appoint a cloud consultant, or specifically a Salesforce partner in South Africa.

Cloud computing is already an essential aspect of doing business in 2021 and it’s growing fast. According to Forbes, “32% of IT budgets in 2021 will be dedicated to the cloud.” Cloud technologies are now embedded in enterprises’ business strategies with 92% of CTOs saying their IT environment (infrastructure, applications, data analytics, etc.) relies on the cloud and this is predicted to grow to 95% in the next 18 months.

Cloud computing is no longer a luxury. It’s an absolute necessity. Storing data on remote servers and accessing it via the Internet has become the norm.

One of the key challenges is keeping up with the rapid developments in cloud technology. BlueSky’s team of specialist consultants can help you. Our cloud experts boast years of experience designing and deploying cloud solutions across many sectors and verticals. We offer Cloud Consulting, Digital Advisory, Customer Success, Managed Services, Customer Experience Design and Data Solutions via ground-breaking technologies such as Salesforce.

  • Pick the Right Consultants


Cloud computing is now ubiquitous and there are more and more cloud consultants presenting themselves as experts. But not everyone is equal. Getting the best leverage from cloud technologies means that you want to work with consultants who are qualified, certified and have many years of experience.

You will need to keep an eye out for their number of certifications, specialisations, ratings and reviews. It would be wise to choose a company that has competencies in your specific sector.

  • Check Credentials


Any company can pitch itself as a cloud “experts” so it’s worth checking their specific credentials. Check the approved vendor and partner eco-system websites for an overview of each company. Look for expert-level certifications and badges.

Most reputable firms will also partner with particular software programs to architect solutions for their clients. They will have professional relationships with these companies. For example, BlueSky is an authorised Salesforce Cloud Reseller as well as having other partnerships.

To achieve this, our consultants met rigorous technical requirements, showed our ability to customise cloud solutions to clients’ needs, developed sophisticated business strategies, created an expert sales staff, and more.

It’s worth noting that BlueSky is currently the No.1 Salesforce partner in South Africa based on the number of certifications we hold in our team as well as the number of qualified cloud consultants we have in our team.

  • A Personal Touch


For some businesses, cloud technologies can make or break their profits and it’s important to work with a specialist team of experts who truly understands your specific business needs and requirements. You will need to work closely with the team to design the most optimal solutions and configurations. So how do you know if the team is a good fit for you and truly care about your success?

You can try this approach:

  • Initial meeting – a good cloud consultant will take time to discuss your requirements and also ask thoughtful questions about your business and then offer recommended solutions and ways to address your pain points.
  • Client Testimonials – Look at what their current and past clients are saying about them as a service provider. These are a very powerful indicator as to what they are like to work with as a team
  • Boilerplate Approach – Keep an eye out for generic, boilerplate responses and solutions. Not every configuration is right for every customer so it makes sense to keep an eye out for this… Although a tried-and-tested solution is sometimes what is needed!
  • Get Specific – The sky is no longer the limit! Don’t be afraid to get really specific with exactly what it is you need. A really good cloud consultant will provide recommendations and do everything possible to achieve your vision and needs.


These are merely a few pointers to help guide you through the first steps in your search for finding the right cloud consultants. At BlueSky, we pride ourselves on our customer-centered approach, our ability to deliver seamlessly and on time and within budget.

We adapt and execute swiftly and we have a laser focus on results. Why not try us to see if we are the best fit for your business? schedule your free consultation today.

  • Proven Experience


Everyone will say they are highly-skilled and experienced… But how to separate the wheat from the chaff? It’s important that they can demonstrate their experience and expertise. Ask to see case studies that show how they solved the client’s problems using cloud solutions and what the actual results were. BlueSky will demonstrate our experience by running a prospective client through a step-by-step discussion of past projects which offers indispensable information about how we approach projects, our level of professionalism and execution.

  • Range of Skillsets


Really good cloud consultants are usually a team of specialists and experts ranging from technical solutions architects to system administrators and everyone in between. If you are a medium or enterprise-sized company then it makes no sense to work with an independent cloud consultant. You’re best served by a firm that offers architects, developers, managers and other support specialists. Your company can then draw out the best knowledge and solutions from an entire team of people. If there’s a problem that needs addressing, chances are that some else on the team has tackled it before.

At BlueSky, we have a team of experts from all backgrounds to help you get the most out of your cloud technologies – we are a highly experienced Salesforce Practice. Meet our BlueSky Pilots here.

  • Support & Commitment


Cloud solutions are incredibly powerful business enablers that can have a significant impact on your company’s success. It’s a highly specialised field and it makes sense to appoint a firm that can offer you the support and commitment you will need to maximise your ROI from your investment. Your cloud solutions will need on-going development, enhancements and stream-lining as products and technologies evolve.

Support packages should be designed to have your long-term goals in mind and be flexible to suit your needs as your company grows and evolves.

It makes sense to look for a consultancy that can support you for the long haul. Project-based freelancers and contractors are probably not the solutions here as they go from job to job. When reviewing firms looks for companies that can provide support down the line. Look for cloud-based solutions that will endure for many years and not those that will become redundant in a few years.

  • Are You Ready For a BlueSky Experience?


When looking for a cloud consultancy, look no further than BlueSky! We have built a team of expert cloud consultants that we proudly call the best “in-country” team in South Africa.

Salesforce rates us as “expert” on 4 of their clouds and our Salesforce AppExchange rating is 9.36 out of 10. Our industry experience extends to Financial Services, Media, Telco, High Tech, Comms, CPG, Retail, Manufacturing & Public Sector. In addition to cloud consulting, we offer sophisticated custom development, tried-and-tested implementation techniques, convenient support and training. Feel free to Contact us here.

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