Total Experience and Beyond…

Does your customer and employee experience seem disjointed, lacking a wow factor? Perhaps you’re wondering why your IT landscape supporting those experiences are so complex, operationally heavy and at the same time creating frustrating interactions between staff and customers. It’s time to simplify – it’s time to delight both customers and employees alike.

Enter “Total Experience”… Gartner’s 2022 Technology Trends report defines Total Experience as a “strategy that creates superior shared experiences by weaving together the 4 disciplines i.e. the multi experience (MX), customer experience (CX), employee experience (EX) and user experience (UX).”

At BlueSky we make Total Experience a reality by bringing together the world’s leading cloud providers, Salesforce and AWS. A better together, simplified and accelerated time to value solution accelerator built on BlueSky’s unparalleled expertise in Salesforce and AWS cloud solutions.

We do the heavy lifting of the interlinked components between these cloud providers so that you and your customers derive immediate, next-gen, “Total Experience” from your investments. Our world-class solution accelerator bring together key components from Salesforce and AWS to enable:

  • Unified voice conversations and digital channels for personalised customer experience – bring your own channel
  • Unification of disparate data sources to embolden your contact centre agents with real-time customer information
  • AI driven assistance with optimized “Next Best Action” recommendation built from “all” customer data.
  • Fast paced solution deployments leveraging vendor approved design patterns.


Our goal in creating this unique solution accelerator is to target those blind spots, those gaps that exist in your business to customer interactions. Perhaps it a lack of agent empowerment with regards to customer information or perhaps you have customer data across a plethora of sources and need help in discovering and modelling the data or maybe your interactions with your customers are too fragmented and not smooth across all digital channels including voice.

Whatever your “experience” challenges, we believe our solution accelerators can help you move one step close to that Total Experience. Our proven technical design patterns visualise the interactions between different components, such as:

  • Partner Telephony integrated with Salesforce enabling a true Omni-Channel Contact Center.
  • Intelligent, Dynamic Interactive Voice Response (IVR) leveraging pre-built, ready to use Contact Flows in Amazon Connect
  • Personalised Interactions for upsell and cross-sell opportunities across your portfolio by leveraging our existing Lambda functions to read info from multiple sources
  • Integration with existing Telephony systems and incorporating Sentiment Analysis, real-time transcribing and AI assisted next steps across the communication channels


Contact us today to find out more or even test drive the solution offerings via a Proof of Value.

Join us at Salesforce Live event and talk to some of professional staff for guidance on next steps and how to take advantage of your existing investments…

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