BlueSky helps clients leverage hyperautomation capabilities of the cloud


In today’s world, consumers are increasingly attracted to the ‘digital lifestyle’, and the country’s leading telecommunications providers have recognised this, as evidenced by their drive to deliver advertisements to targeted consumer segments across modern digital channels.

The challenge facing one such provider was that in order to reach a customer base across the various digital channels – website, mobile and video – they required multiple tools and systems to be leveraged in order to achieve their campaign goals.

The issue here, explains Theo Reddy, AWS Business Unit Manager at BlueSky, is that in utilising these multiple tools and systems, they quickly found that this adversely affected their reporting dashboards, leading to fractured data. This, in turn, created challenges around consolidation, and – since manual intervention was required for this – led to excessive reporting run times, meaning the value of the reporting was diminished.

“The telecoms provider required a single, consolidated view of its advertising data for reporting purposes if it wanted to be able to realise maximum value from its various advertising campaigns,” says Reddy.

“BlueSky worked closely with the client throughout the process, assisting with the execution of a data architecture model designed to convert data acquired from multiple different sources into a set of consolidated, insightful views. Ultimately, it was AWS that was chosen as the cloud platform that was to be used to store and model these consolidated data views.”

Outlining a brief overview of the customer’s data modernisation journey, Reddy notes that the data flow solution implemented by BlueSky essentially allowed data from any campaign source to be ingested into S3 storage buckets for staging.

“From this point, we utilised a combination of world-class AWS Cloud functions. Among these were Lambda and CloudWatch, solutions that were then used to transform the ingested data into consistent S3 data sets. Once at this stage, these data sets can then be transformed, using Glue Crawler, into Athena tables. Once this is done, the tables are made available, securely, to any visualisation toolsets – such as QlikSense – thus enabling users to create insightful presentations.

“In the end, BlueSky was able to assist the customer to leverage the hyperautomation capabilities of AWS. In doing so, they were able to significantly reduce the time taken to present insightful dashboards back to the business stakeholders. Moreover, the existing data architecture also allows the client to utilise additional campaign sources, without the need for additional data transformation flows,” concludes Reddy.

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