Higher AWS tier status to enable BlueSky to implement growth plans


BlueSky has recently been promoted to an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Tier Services Partner, which will give the company room to grow as well as improve its offerings to clients. Partners within the network have an exceptionally driven team of trained and certified technical resources and a proven track record for customer experience.

Theo Reddy, BlueSky Business Manager, explains that the Advanced Tier means AWS has validated the company in terms of its skills and resources. “It’s confirmed not just our position within the industry and ability to design digital solutions, but also the fact that we can deliver accurately, within budget and within customer expectations.”

More importantly, says Reddy, it’s an endorsement from its clients, as the company needed to compile case studies and customer satisfaction surveys to qualify, in which it received high scores.

This certification will help BlueSky’s business grow as it has AWS’ backing and can position its solutions and competencies on the AWS partner platform. “Given the depth of our technical and business acumen, we can engage with AWS and their customers very early in the conversation. In essence, it’s going to help us acquire new clients and retain existing clients through our continuous drive for service excellence and innovative thought leadership,” says Reddy.

New services and products

BlueSky wants to become the leading provider of “better together”, AWS and Salesforce specific solutions, such as Salesforce Service Cloud Voice powered by Amazon Connect, or storage optimisation on Salesforce powered by AWS, or intelligent document and storage management, also enabled by AWS.

Reddy explains that the products and services the company will add will have key enhancements to its existing range and be relevant to the market as it wants to be the partner of choice for AWS and Salesforce offerings. “At BlueSky, our industry-specific skillsets coupled with a repeatable, patterned architecture approach results in accelerated time to value on customer engagements. The outcomes are consistent and built for a highly automated operational ecosystem.”

It aims to manage and run complex AWS environments, on behalf of its clients, to provide cost reduction as part of its managed services offerings through automation and the introduction of AI and ML to its managed services portfolio. “We will be able to reduce managed services cost over time and improve operational efficiencies through continuous AI and ML applications. So that gives us a sneak preview of the types of services and products we want to add to our existing portfolio,” says Reddy.

This means BlueSky will need to be aggressive in challenging the marketplace and bring in new AWS experts. Over the next two years, it has an aggressive growth plan that will see staff grow from 14 to 40 as it bolsters its AWS service offerings and targets new markets.

BlueSky, says Reddy, seeks to expand geographically as more South African companies want to expand their reach and their coverage into Africa as well. “We are strategically investing in certain areas, and we want to be able to help organisations benefit from AWS within the African market as well.

“Our AWS Advanced Partner Status is a clear validation that we are on the right track. We are a capable, credible, trustworthy cloud services provider. And our goal is to ultimately become that digital transformation partner of choice for our clients.”

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