Getting customer experience right before the customer shopping rush

Ahead of the festive season rush, retailers – online and bricks and mortar – can still implement systems to ensure that customers have the best possible experience.

BlueSky, through Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Salesforce, offers easily integrated solutions that scale based on customer demand, enabling the intuitive, personal, next-generation experiences customers are expecting, says Theo Reddy, BlueSky Business Manager.

BlueSky is heavily invested in both AWS and Salesforce, world-class leaders in the technology world, and have a partnership that allows them to integrate seamlessly, says Reddy.

This, he explains, will help over the upcoming retail spending splurge season because it offers an agile, scalable offering. “When you are servicing 1 000 customers on a Thursday versus 20 000 customers on a Friday, you want an agile, intelligent, scalable back-end infrastructure that expands and shrinks with the demand.”

At BlueSky, we take the deployment and integration of complex infrastructure and simplify it through cutting-edge deployment pipelines and infrastructure as code.

These offerings are out the box with automated scripts, meaning they can be installed and ready to go ahead of the Christmas shopping period. “We are able to very quickly introduce integration layers on scalable infrastructure,” says Reddy.

This has a positive impact on the cloud economics function, by managing costs for those solutions built on elastic foundation, he adds. “Further business value can be realised by dynamically lighting up new services, such as machine learning or artificial intelligence or business analytics to your existing cloud services – imagine the possibilities.”

“Because all those services are available on AWS, it means accelerated adoption and reduced time to business value. It’s all about lighting up those services and starting to benefit very quickly from it. They offer quick access to next-generation technologies without a steep learning curve.”

This scalable and powerful technology offering, together with a compelling and consistent customer experience, will help organisations beat their competition. “Too often, customer experiences are inconsistent or frustrating. To win and retain customers, companies need to not only understand their customer experience, but also proactively imagine what is possible – and then design, implement and manage it. The BlueSky Experience Design team has the skills to help organisations achieve this,” says Anton Rose, Head of XD at BlueSky.


Expert help at your fingertips

At the same time, BlueSky offers professional services and can deliver on fixed cost outcomes as well as simple resource augmentation initiatives. “Perhaps a client has a large project running and requires expert skills to augment their existing teams with the least amount of onboarding time. And because our resources are trained with the latest agile skills, such as SAFe, they are quickly onboarded and seamlessly fit into an existing team,” says Reddy.

The company also offers advisory services, meaning it reviews existing cloud strategies, points out potential gaps and improves the execution plans against a strategy, all with the ultimate aim of helping the client accelerate their business outcomes.

“Our journey to becoming a premier, enterprise-grade AWS partner is ahead of schedule, especially with our AWS Advanced Tier accreditation; we are quick, we work accurately with speed. Our aim is to help our clients realise value as quickly as possible,” concludes Reddy.

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