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Catch the e-commerce wave in 2021 with Salesforce Commerce Cloud and BlueSky!
We’re in a post-Covid world… And in SA, online retailers are reporting that they are now processing 5 times more orders than in 2019! It’s game-on in the e-commerce sector in 2021!
Local research conducted by Salesforce also indicates that:
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In this session BlueSky will help your business create sustainable competitive advantage using Salesforce’s commerce cloud. Sounds good? Fill in your details and we’ll show you how to:
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Salesforce’s commerce cloud is powerful toolkit to optimise every stage of the funnel. Create seamless e-commerce experiences that exceed your customer’s expectations, allowing you to:

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We are SA’s No 1 Salesforce Partner!
We are Trusted by companies of any size, in all sectors, including:

We are proud BBEE Level 2 status with 51% Black ownership & 42% Black female ownership.

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