The integration between Salesforce and AWS enables organisations to strengthen relationships with their customers, solve business challenges, and reduce churn.

This integration also enables better control of business-critical processes, as well as the ability to capture the right data and send it to the right tools, making this a valuable source for the insights and predictive analytics required by a modern data-driven and customer-centric business.

The long-standing partnership between Salesforce and AWS delivers integrations that can be implemented at low cost, that reduce total cost of ownership, and that use applications already integrated into the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce Licenses and Support

As an authorised Salesforce re-seller, we offer the full range of Salesforce licenses and Premier Support plans, purchased directly through BlueSky.

Salesforce BlueBox Series

Get the power of Salesforce, straight out-the-box. Choose from 4 solutions and start connecting the dots across the entire customer journey. Powerful enough to scale with you, but simple enough to grow into, Salesforce is the way to reinvent your business for the digital, customer-obsessed era.

Industry focused solutions

Watch the video to gain insights into how we are helping Salesforce assist South African enterprise-level businesses.

BlueSky Academy​

The heartbeat of BlueSky. We take immense pride in training, coaching and mentoring young tech talent by offering academic certification, real work experience and exposure to the shifting corporate landscape. The BlueSky Academy is an example of our commitment to closing the digital skills gap, creating employment and driving career development.

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